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Nylon (polyhexamethylene adipate ureamide) is a high strength, temperature and acid resistant, material. Suitable for parts with high mechanical stress.

The main advantage of this filament is that it is an incredibly durable and versatile 3D printed material. Flexible if thin layer, but with very high interlayer adhesion. Its low friction coefficient and high melting temperature make it an excellent choice for the pressure of functional and technical parts.

Important !!!
The material is very abrasive, so we recommend to use a hardened Nozzle.

  • Print temperature 245 ° C +/- 10 ° C
  • heated bed is required about 80 ° C.
  • Print speed: max. 60mm / s
  • Enclosing the printer required.
  • hardened Nozzle required.

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