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How SUNLU Prints Out Its Name in the 3D Printing Industry?


Way back in the hot summer of 2013, an ambitious young man,
together with three of his friends, established SUNLU in Zhuhai, the
southeast of China, where the brilliant world of 3D printing was rarely
known and accepted.

The man with wide vision and unique insight is named Jack, who was
still nobody then. Being a hardcore enthusiast of 3D printing, he
could feel how makers and hobbyists felt, and knew exactly what they
most desired—3D printer supplies were less affordable and their
quality was relatively undesirable then.

As such, the SUNLU team made its ever first step by focusing on
researching and producing filaments. It had only been a year,
that SUNLU undoubtedly swept across the industry, with the
dimensional tolerance of its filaments reduced to
0.02 millimeters. And by 2018, the well-made filaments
sold had totaled up to 1,500 tons, ranking No.1

Yet this was far from finished. SUNLU went up beyond supplies,
carrying its mini 3D printing pens, again, to the top of the world
stage, and that was in 2015. With its game-changer products, makers
no longer print by grabbing a HUGE printing pen, sweating all over to
bring their creative ideas to life.

Until 2022, SUNLU can provide more lines of innovative products,
ranging from printing supplies to printers and their accessories.
And the team is gradually joined by more than 500 people, with
its name extensively known in the 3D printing field. It took less
than 10 years, for SUNLU to grow and thrive globally. SUNLU
now owns more than 40 production lines and workshops, 41
inventions made, and over 200 intellectual
rights gra nted, and the number of its premium products
sold has reached over 25 million!

SUNLU promises to provide you with products of better tech, and to
always back you for better creation, now and in the future.

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