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Specially developed support materials such as PVA, BVOH and HIPS are characterized by their fully dissolvable properties.
This makes the model at the support cleaner. In addition, models can also be printed that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to remove.






The filament made from HIPS can have good mechanical properties such as strength, impact resistance, toughness or heat resistance.
Thanks to its structure, it is often used for printing support material as it dissolves in Lemonesol. The material meets the requirements for materials that come into contact with food. HIPS can be used for the food and packaging industries.
Small amounts of styrene are released during the printing of HIPS filament.






BVOH filament is a butenediol-vinyl alcohol copolymer. It can be used to print perfect prototypes, complex structures, and moving mechanisms. This is particularly useful when conventional carriers are difficult to remove or are insufficient to achieve a satisfactory end result. With BVOH, printing highly complex 3D objects is extremely easy.

Support made with BVOH filaments is very easy to remove. After you've printed a 3D model, just put it in warm water and the carrier filament will completely dissolve. As a result, the actual model is of significantly better quality than columns that have to be broken out.

The BVOH filament can be used with printers with twin extruders. It is characterized by high adhesion to various types of materials. It can be combined with common materials such as PLA, ABS, PET-G, ASS, nylon, elastic filaments (e.g. TPU), etc.

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