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    BigTreeTech SKR V2 32-Bit Mainboard

    Item number: 11859

    Stepper Driver

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    BigTreeTech SKR V2 32-bit mainboard

    Powerful mainboard that supports up to & nbsp; 5 stepper drivers and a fast 168MHz CPU.

    Thanks to the 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 processor, this board can perform more calculations than the standard 8-bit boards that are installed in most 3D printers.
    This allows you to use more sophisticated software such as Marlin 2.0.

    It is the successor to the SKR1.4 and SKR1.4 turbo motherboard series and has many new functions that protect the mainboard better and add extensive interfaces.





    • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 CPU with 168MHz

    • 5 stepper driver slots

    • Up to 6 stepper motors can be connected.

    • WIFI interface connection

    • Thermal runaway protection circuit

    • Extended protection circuit for thermistors

    • Marlin integrated anti-reverse stepper driver protection

    • Supports BigTreeTech TFT displays as well as LCD12684, LCD2004

    • Connectors for PWM fans

    • Interface for closed loop stepper motors

    • Raspberry Pi Interface

    • High performance MOSFET

    • Supports BLtouch, filament runout sensor

    • Auto power down enabled (separate relay required)

    • Power Loss Recover Feature (separate UPS module required)

    • Dimensions: 109.67x84.3mm

    • Hole spacing: 101.85x76.3mm




    • 12V / 24V input voltage

    • 5 stepper driver slots (SPI, UART, STEP / DIR)

    • 6 stepper motors can be connected (dual Z axis)

    • 1 Micro SD card reader

    • 1 USB socket

    • 1 USB port

    • 1 WIFI interface for ESP8266 module

    • 2 connections for heating cartridges

    • 1 connection for heating bed

    • 4 temperature sensor connections

    • 2 connections for one fan

    • 3 connections for PWM fans

    • 1 connection option for BL-Touch sensor

    • 3 connections for limit switches

    • 1 filament runout connection option


    More information, firmware and instructions are available here

    BigTreeTech TMC2130 V3 Stepper Driver

    TMC2130 is a powerful two-phase stepper motor driver chip with a standard SPI interface and a simple Step / Dir interface.
    Very quiet, heavy-duty driver that doesn't lose any steps.





    • Support of the SPI interface control

    • Does not lose any steps even under heavy loads.

    • Logic voltage: 3.3V/5V

    • Input voltage range: 12V/24V DC

    • Motor operating current 1,2a (peak 2A)

    • Spreadcycle ensures that the stepper motor has a smooth transition without dead zone current when it crosses zero. TMC2130 stepper motor driver chip has almost no jitter

    • StealthChop can drive the motor so that it works quietly. The noise of the motor is below 10 dB, which is much lower than with conventional stepper drivers.

    • With SpreadCycle PWM the motor works smoother and more stable


    More information, firmware and instructions are available here

    BigTreeTech TMC2209 V1.2 (UART) Stepper Driver

    TMC2209 is an extremely quiet motor driver for two-phase stepper motors.
    The continuous drive current is 2A and the peak current is 2.8A. Compared to the TMC2208 driver, the control current has been improved by 0.6a-0.8a.





    • Dimensions: 15.24mm x 20.32mm

    • Input voltage: 4.75V-28V DC

    • Peak current 2.8A

    • Logic voltage: 3V-5V

    • Current consumption per phase 2A

    • Microstep setting 2, 4, 8, 16 can be divided into 256 steps.

    • Max. Microstep 256

    • Configuration via UART

    • Stallguard-TMC2209 offers technology to detect load and loss of speed.

    • Coolstep-TMC2209 offers dynamic control technology that saves up to 75% energy.

    • StealthChop2 - for quiet operation and smooth movement

    • SpreadCycle - highly dynamic motor control chopper

    • CoolStep - current control for energy saving

    • StallGuard4 - sensorless engine load detection


    More information, firmware and instructions are available here

    BigTreeTech TMC5160 V1.2 Stepper Driver

    The TMC5160 contains all the intelligence that is required to drive a motor.
    When receiving target positions, the TMC5160 manages the motor movement. Based on the unique TRINAMIC functions StallGuard2, coolStep, dcStep, SpreadCycle and StealthChop
    the TMC5160 optimizes drive performance. It compares speed and engine torque, optimizes energy efficiency, smoothness and quietness.

    TMC5160 is a high-performance stepper motor control chip, which has an externally enhanced power MOSET, the maximum current can reach 20A, low heat generation during operation.

    The support of the unique StealthChop2 mode from TRINAMICS eliminates engine noise by reducing resonances. StallGuard2 ™, which detects when the motor has stopped and thus replaces a mechanical end stop.

    DcStep ™ can run the motor close to its load limit and speed limit.

    The SpreadCycle ™ chopper algorithm has high precision, is used for highly dynamic motors and is an absolutely low-noise, low-resonance and low-vibration chopper.

    CoolStep ™ is a flow control function. which balance the drive power, speed and motor torque and optimize energy efficiency. This enables smoother and quieter driving and reduces energy consumption by 75%.






    • Driver chip: TMC5160-WA

    • Product size: 15.3mm * 20.4mm

    • Supply voltage (VM): 8V-40V

    • Maximum current: 4.4A (the measuring resistor determines the maximum current)

    • Maximum steps: 256

    • Working mode: SPI mode

    • TRINAMIC functions stallGuard2, coolStep, dcStep, SpreadCycle and StealthChop


    More information, firmware and instructions are available here

    BigTreeTech TFT70 V3.0 LCD touchscreen

    The BigTree-TechTFT 70 V3.0 display is a medium size screen that has a super clear picture and allows easy condition of your 3D printer. glicht.

    The screen can be operated in 2 modes (UART, 12864). This makes the display compatible with many mainboards.





    • Compatible with various mainboards such as SKR1.3, SKR1.4, SKR Mini E3 and many more

    • MCU: ARM 32 bit and 168 MHz STM32F 4 07VG T6 the Cortex M 4-Series

    • More convenient operation: firmware upgrade via SD card

    • Greater compatibility: two working models, UART screen and screen with 12864 types

    • UART screen that supports SD card and U disk

    • WIFI interface for connecting a WIFI module

    • Auto power down enabled (separate relay required)

    • LCD12864 mode including EXP1, EXP2, EXP3, EXP1 and EXP2 is for LCD Ordinary motherboard screen and EXP3 is for E3 series LCD screen (such as: SKR MINI E3, SKR E3 DIP, etc.)

    • Dimensions: 196x100mm

    • Installation size: 188x92mm

    • Screen size: 153.84x85.78mm (7& quot;)

    • Screen resolution: 800x480

    • Backlight lighting: 21 LEDs

    • Supply voltage: 5V

    • Logic voltage of the SD card: 3.3V


    More information, firmware and instructions are available here

    BigTreeTech Mini 12864 LCD Display

    BIGTREETECH MINI12864 V1.0 is a medium-sized 3D print display with RGB backlighting,
    The display is equipped with an SD card reader on the side. The RGB lighting can be configured via Marlin.
    Thanks to its small dimensions, this control unit can be installed to save space.





    • EXP1 and EXP2 connectors for connection to standard mainboards

    • Multicolored RGB backlighting enhances your 3D printer.

    • Dimensions: 104.99 x 47mm

    • Screen size: 2.5"

    • Supply voltage: 5V

    • Logic voltage of the SD card: 3.3V


    More information, firmware and instructions are available here

    Brand: BigTreeTech

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