3D Print Service

Jack's filament is your partner when it comes to turning your idea into reality.

Thanks to many years of experience with FDM technology, even hard-to-print models can be implemented.

Thanks to our own online shop we always have a large selection of colors and materials available.

Currently the following materials can be printed:

PLA - for aesthetic objects without major mechanical requirements, biodegradable

PETG / CPE - Suitable for parts with average mechanical stress (temperature stable up to 90 ° C)

ABS - good mechanical and thermal properties (up to 96 ° C temperature stable)

ASA - weather-resistant, good mechanical and thermal properties (temperature stable up to 96 ° C)

Nylon - high sliding property, flexible for thin-walled parts and stiff for thick-walled parts if required, high chemical resistance, high impact resistance also in low temperatures (from -40°C), high thermal resistance (up to 140 ° C temperature stable)

HIPS - good mechanical properties such as strength, impact resistance, toughness and heat resistance up to 85 ° C

Wood models have a wooden look, and can therefore also be easily spread (glaze, paint, drill, saw)

Quality levels:


Layer height of 0.3mm - fast and cost-effective. Suitable for components with low aesthetic requirements and large objects.


Layer height of 0.2mm - most used quality - best value for money. Suitable for components with aesthetic requirements.


Layer height of 0.1mm - best quality. Suitable for small objects with aesthetic appeal. Due to the long printing time but the most expensive.

I am happy to make you an offer.

Please send me a eMail with the following information.

  • The file to be printed (preferably in .STL format).

  • From which material the object should become.

  • The desired color.

  • Quality level the object should have (fine, medium, fast).

  • Number of required parts.